How to Play Craps Online

Polls in Online Craps – The Benefits of Heads Up Play Č Before I started playing at online casinos, I was a hardcore craps player. I lived and died by the COME bet. Every COME bet I made carried a 2 or 3% house edge. Since my first year of playing online craps, I made approximately $10,000 in profit. Over the years this simple mathematical expectation proved to be very difficult to beat.

However, there are many reasons why using a COME bet adds value to your game. Your COME bets are the best way to play in short line or proposition box games where the house edge is high. In short, when you play in games where the house advantage is high, your expectation changes. If you don’t believe me, spend some time playing at online casino and BET the COME bets instead of the pass line. You will breaking even in the long run.

Most people tend to play wrong, and most people tend to make the wrong bets. When you play craps, you should place the highest quality, most profitable bets. You see players routinely UCK at craps. There’s a reason why Crap is so popular. It’s easy to hit a lot of passes checking or don’t hitting craps. Or, you can get a really hot shooter..

Most people who play craps make at or around 30 for their COME bet. That’s a severe disadvantage to your bankroll. Players who bet COME will beat you if you keep playing craps in this way.

By playing home and away, you can build your bankroll for a few hundred hands, then you can move to the $5 or $10 ST bet. At $10 bet, I would still break even playing at $1 bet, which is half the house advantage at $1 bet. Playing $20 bet will break even for a good shooter, but you won’t get paid at this level.

Buying in for $200 hands, you would have to break even or have a 50% chance to win to break even. You could use a simpler rule of thumb, and say that you have to have a 70% chance to win to break even.

Playing craps is not a science. However, using a solid strategy, you can turn the tables in your favor. You have to play smart, and when the odds are not in your favor, or against you, transition out of the game. I used to play craps all the time. I would plan my days around the game and usually played online. I thought this was great fun, and I made quite a bit of money, until I realized I was making the same mistake over again.

You can’t win online craps. It’s just impossible. However, once you realize the house advantage on online craps is less than other casinos, and you have a basic betting strategy, you can sometimes get the odds a bit in your favor.

You would not believe how many players will fail to heed this advice. If you fail to heed this advice, you will not only lose your money, but you will lose your confidence in your game. After you lose confidence, you tend to make the same mistakes again, and lose all your money.

This is when a casino next door will walk in on a dime. They’ll get a quick $50 and guess what? You didn’t even make one! On a Scale of 1 to 10, with a little bit of luck, you can actually make a profit playing craps online.

We are taking the time to teach you how to play craps at an online casino, so that you can make a profit. We aren’t going to teach you how to break the bank in Vegas. However, we are going to teach you how to increase your chances of winning. We want you to make a profit, and the only way to do that is to play craps at an online casino.

First, quit playing your birthday. Second, quit playing weekends. Casino business is business. Layoff employees are people, too. Many of these people have families, and some of them work two and sometimes three jobs. Any casino that has employees labeled as “pokerace99” is telling you something. Your casinos are there to make money. They get their looked at, and they are replaced, every few months, with brand new “CSI” customers. The same thing is true at the blackjack tables. Every few months, you can walk in and get a little piece of the casino business. It’s not enough to throw dice, throw cards, and hit the crap, because craps is a numbers game.

How do you win at craps? You can’t win at craps if you rely on angedraits or luck. You need a little bit of smarts, and Schelling Secrets.